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    Dear players!

    We introducing for your attention the instruction of using the Control Panel.

    After registering on our project you create a universal Master Account (Control Panel), which will allow you to play on any of our servers without additional registrations. Up to 7 gaming accounts can be registared on each MA (on each of our game servers).

    A distinctive feature of the Personal Cabinet is enhanced security. In addition to the password, your data will be protected with a PIN code, which will allow you to block virtually all actions for strangers inside the CP.

    Now let's look at the functionality of the CP

    Registration of the Master Account (Control Panel):

    1. You will see the login button "My Account" on the main page of our site:

    2. Then select the button "Create a new account":

    3. Fill in all fields with data, a new prefix can be generated by clicking on the box with it.
    Be sure to confirm the agreement with the Project Rules, by the way, we recommend that you read them beforehand [​IMG]
    Registration must be confirmed via e-mail! Therefore, specify your real mailbox.
    After successful registration confirmation you can enter the Control Panel. If the confirmation of registration does not come, check the "Spam" folder, as well as the spam filters in your mailbox settings.


    Creating of game accounts:

    1. Select the required server in the top of the screen. The selected server is displayed in the upper left corner. Click "Create account" button:

    2. After this a pop-up will appear offering us the form of creating an account:

    3. Fill in all the fields, change the prefix if desired and click "Register." We see the notification about the successful creation of your account. Also a file with the game account data will be saved on your PC.
    The created gaming account will appear at the bottom of the CP. You have the option to change the password for the game account (1) or restore it (2).
    Now you can login and enjoy the game [​IMG]
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