New Interlude on Valhalla-age in Spring 2018!

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    From the creators of one of the best Interlude servers of the recent years.

    Well-structured game world, created specifically for you.
    Well-balanced rates for healthy economy, big war, live marketplace.
    Real fight against bots and no interference in the gameplay.
    Protecting the economy from dumping the market.

    Grand opening coming in Spring!
    New Interlude - Spring 2018.


    "This is the active marketplace, it's adrenaline on numerous battlefield,
    it's the pride for controlling the best farm locations."

    Long server life - guaranteed!
    As an independent server, New Interlude is certainly a leader, but in the future, when it is ready, its fate will be connected with other servers that will be merged according to the merger program with our partners.

    Valhalla-age - will always be stable.

    Screenshots from Valhalla-age:




    It's you who choose your style of gaming!
    Trade, act as leader, kill mobs or all together - it's up to you.

    What allows you to immediately plunge into any of the styles?

    - Well-balanced rates, the best locations of the Interlude chronicles improved with the help of game design, and some new content that does not change the logic of the chronicles.


    It's time to go to Valhalla
    Grand Opening in Spring 2018!

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