[Spring has come!] Event in celebration of International Women's Day

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    Dear players!

    It wasn't long until we prepared another interesting in-game event for you dedicated to the celebration of International Women's Day! [​IMG]

    One fine day Maryse walked on the river bank. The noise in the bushes caught her attention, and she wanted to know what the reason of it. When she push the branch a few rabbits attacked and ripped off her necklace. The beads were scattered on the grass and rabbits, without losing time, have picked them up and disappeared in coastal thickets. Maryse was very upset because these beads were a gift from her beloved Grandma. Grieved for a while she went to search daredevils who will help her to recover the stolen treasure...

    On March 8, after the morning restart, you will be able to get [​IMG] Lost Bead from all the monsters in the game world, as well as from the monsters in the quest area. Exchange them for useful rewards in the festive store "Spring Has Come (Lost Beads)" from the NPC Pathfinder Worker, as well as from the quest NPC Maryse (details below).



    Detailed event description:
    • Main event period: from 8 to 22 March event items Lost Bead will drop from monsters. Exchange of event items will be also available from NPC Pathfinder Worker and NPC Maryse.
    • Final event period: from 22 to 28 March only exchange of event items from NPC Pathfinder Worker will be available.
    • Change of the periods of the event will be carried out with server restart. Information about restarts is announced in this topic, as well as inside the game world.
    • Be sure to update your game files via updater!
    • Lost Bead will be deleted at the end of the event.
    • All characters can take part in the event (1-85 levels).
    • Also, all the characters will receive as a gift the transformation staff "8 March Women Transformation - Valhalla-Age" with the morning restart on March 8. This is a shadow item that transforms you for a while into a girl, and also it has some useful bonuses [​IMG]

    You can take part in the event in two ways:

    1. Kill any monsters in the game world of 61-85 levels. Lost Bead will drop out of them with a 10% chance;

    2. Kill monsters Rabbit in the quest instance zone. Lost Bead will drop out of them with a 30% chance:
    • You can enter the instance through Maryse NPC, which appears on Giran square every day from 20:00 to 21:00 Moscow time;
    • Spent time in the instance zone - 20 minutes (that is, the last entrance to the instance is possible around 20:30). At the end of this time, a character returns to the town.
    • NPC Maryse lets characters in once in 5 minutes, from 1 to 50 players of any level simultaneously;
    • Maria, Maryse's friend, will meet you inside the instance and will help to cope with eared small animals. She will turn you into a rabbit, in order not to scare off thieves, and will provide you with buff that will help in the hunt.

    Exchange Lost Bead and receive the following rewards:
    • [​IMG] Family Box with Life Stones - 3 Lost Bead + 1 Family Coin
    • [​IMG] Enchantmented Family Box - 5 Lost Bead + 1 Family Coin
    • [​IMG] Giant Codex - 15 Lost Bead + 1 Family Coin (or 42 Lost Bead)
    • [​IMG] 300 Knight's Epaulette - 5 Lost Bead + 1 Family Coin (or 25 Lost Bead)
    • [​IMG] Attribute stones (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Divinity, Darkness) - 7 Lost Bead + 1 Family Coin (or 28 Lost Bead). Attribute stones can not be exchanged, dropped, sold.
    • [​IMG] Soul Crystal level 12 (Red, Green, Blue) - 30 Lost Bead + 3 Family Coin (or 125 Lost Bead)
    • [​IMG] Soul Crystal level 13 (Red, Green, Blue) - 85 Lost Bead + 7 Family Coin (or 290 Lost Bead)

    P.S. Dear Ladies!
    I would like to congratulate you for the International Women's Day on behalf of our team!
    Let all your dreams come true, our beloved and charming girls